Epoxy floor coatings

Given the amount of heavy equipment and service vehicles that travel over industrial floors on a daily basis, they really take a beating. Goldbrush Painting provides epoxy floor coatings to a large number of industrial clients across Toronto, Peterborough, Cobourg, Belleville, Thomasburg and other southern Ontario cities. Like all of our other industrial painting services, our protective epoxy floor coatings will help prolong the life of your industrial floors. Developed by some of the most reputable companies in the industrial epoxy floor coating industry, our epoxy floor coatings are highly effective at providing a reliable barrier against aging and damage caused by prolonged general use. Goldbrush Painting's highly skilled industrial painters have applied epoxy floor coating at industrial facilities who operate in such industries as pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing, aviation and aerospace, automotive, chemical synthesis, water and wastewater treatment, electronics manufacturing, and more.

Goldbrush Painting's epoxy floor coatings are an effective flooring solution that far outweighs the expensive cost of total floor replacement. Our epoxy floor coatings are heat and flame resistant, chemical resistant, slip resistant, and provide a brighter and cleaner industrial workplace for your valuable employees. Our epoxy floor coatings are available in both standard or food-grade single and multi-coat styles, and can be applied to floors in virtually any type of industrial manufacturing facility, warehouse or distribution centre. To learn just how our epoxy floor coatings can benefit your industrial company, please contact our knowledgeable industrial painting team today!

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